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Fall Festival

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Pingree Grove Illinois, stands Goebbert’s Farm, an apple orchard and pumpkin patch that offers a delightful escape into nature's bounty. 


The orchard is adorned with rows of apple trees, from the pale green Granny Smiths to the deep red Honeycrisps. As you stroll through the orchard, the sweet fragrance of ripe apples fills the air, inviting visitors to pluck the fruit directly from the branches. 


Adjacent to the apple orchard is the vibrant pumpkin patch, a sea of orange. The pumpkins range from small, perfectly round ones ideal for decorating to large, misshapen giants that inspire the creation of whimsical jack-o'-lanterns. The patch is dotted with children eagerly searching for their perfect pumpkin.


The farm is home to additional attractions perfect for all ages, including as wagon rides that weave through the orchards and patches, providing a leisurely tour of the property. Corn mazes challenge our visitors to find their way through towering stalks, and a farm stand brimming with fresh produce and homemade treats offer a taste of our fresh grown produce.


Throughout the fall season, the orchard and pumpkin patch become a hub of activity, truly a time to harvest family memories. 


Summer Jam

Tickets for Summer Jam are on sale now!


Our third annual Summer Jam Market Days at Goebbert’s Farm in Pingree Grove IL is an artisan and maker market experience on the farm, showcasing the best in our community and surrounding areas of food, fashion, home goods, arts, vintage goods and more. 


For the kids, farm attractions will be open.


There will be food options like Goebbert’s roasted corn, fresh watermelon, burgers, tacos, BBQ, food trucks and everyone’s favorites the Beer Bin, Container Bar and Lemonade Shake Ups.


Our annual Car Show is returning again during Summer Jam. In addition to walking around and shopping all the vendors, you can also check out the car show (Sunday ONLY). Summer Jam admission will include the car show.

Farm Stand

July Opening

Goebbert's Farm Stand in Pingree Grove Illinois is near the corner of Rt 47 and Reinking Rd just off of 90. Over flowing with fresh, home grown produce. Next to the farm stand, you will find the U-Pick flower fields, to pick your own bouquets.


Sunflower Fields

Imagine stepping into a vast expanse where the horizon is lined with towering sunflowers, their bright yellow heads nodding gently in the breeze. That is what you can experience here at Goebbert’s Farm. 

The sunflower field is a radiant sea of gold, stretching as far as the eye can see, each bloom turned towards the sun. The air is filled with a sweet, earthy scent, and the buzzing of bees flitting from flower to flower. 



Pick your favorite horse and get ready to "race" your friends around the carousel. This old fashioned carousel will be nostalgic for parents and a fun new memory for your kids.

U-Pick Vegetables 

Opening August *exact date to be determined*

Experience the fun of picking your own vegetables. If you are looking to pick a large quantity of vegetables for canning, cooking or just enjoying, the U-Pick fields can provide just what you need. Picked by the bushel, you will drive out to the field and fill the basket. 


Jumping Pillow

Take your turn on the Jumping Pillow, you will jump so high you will feel like you are flying. 


Pedal Karts

Zoom around the track on the Pedal Karts. You can see the beautiful views of the farm from a different angle while you race everyone around you. Pedal as fast as you can, its fun for kids and adults.

Wagon Ride

The wagon rides will take you out to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard where you can pick your perfect pumpkin or fill your bag of apples.



Brand new for the 2022 season is a large playground for kids to enjoy. With tunnels, slides and plenty of climbing fun the playground will keep your kids entertained. The playground is located next to Tire Mountain and across from the Beer Bin. 

Beer Bin

The Beer Bin is every adults favorite spot to stop. Located near tire mountain, you can grab a refreshing cold one and walk around the farm while your kids explore all the activities.


Western Town

Take a walk through the Wild West of Western Town. There you will find an old fashioned school house, a train car to climb through and scenes from what it looked like back in the day.

Tire Mountain

Can you conquer the climb to the top of Tire Mountain? Filled with truck loads of sand, some hidden tunnels and tons of tires, Tire Mountain is the place to be for kids of all ages. 


Haunted House

Enter if you dare! The haunted house is a spooky time, while you wind your way through each room, try not to get scared. Every year a new scene gets added, so if you ventured through last year then see if you can spot the new changes this year!

Shooting Gallery

Come test your shot at our tennis ball target range, the shooting gallery is not included in admission price.

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More Info

Included in Admission

When you enter into the farm, you will have access to so many fun fall activities during our Fall Festival.

Wagon ride out to the Pumpkin Patch -The pumpkin you pick to purchase varies in price based on the size

Wagon ride out to the Apple Orchard -You pay for the apples you pick: 1/2 peck bag is $10

The Pumpkin Eating Dinosaur- He wakes up hungry throughout the day to munch on Pumpkins

The Pumpkin Express Train- All Aboard! This train is fun for all ages

The Pumpkin Slide- This is a dual slide so you can race against your family or friends.

The Corn Box- Filled with a ton of dried corn, the corn box is fun for littles to climb through or go down our mini slide

The Carousel- This vintage carousel ride will bring you right back to your childhood

Pedal Karts- Zoom around the track while you take in all the sights of the farm

Pig Races-Ready, Set, Go! Who are you rooting for as the pigs race around the track

Playground-New to the 2022 season, our playground sits atop turf grass and has tunnels and slides, which is fun for all

The Haunted House- Enter if you dare! We continue to add new rooms and scary features to our haunted house

Tire Mountain- Can you conquer the climb? A mountain of tires and sand is the perfect entertainment for all kids

Animal Land- You can see all of your favorite animals including our Giraffe, in animal land

Corn Maze-Can you make it through without getting lost?

The Jumping Pillow- Jump so high, you can reach the sky! Our jumping 

Magic Show-Only on weekends, Mr. D's Magic Show has all the kids captivated

Not included in Admission but available to enjoy for an additional fee:
The Beer Bin- L
ocated across from the new Playground, for 21+ you can grab a cold one before you enjoy the farm

Corn Roast- Only on weekends, our famous corn roast is available to purchase

Pony Rides-For an additional fee your children can ride the ponies in Animal Land 

Camel Rides- For an additional fee your children can ride the Camels in Animal Land 

Tennis Ball Target Shooting Range- Take your aim, can you hit the Happy Jack inside the target range? 

Food around the farm:

The Cafe- located near the entrance of the farm, has all of your favorite food

Food Tents- Tacos, Sausages and Smash Burgers are available under the food tents located near the beer bin.

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